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This can be a big problem, especially if Windows Live Mail is your email client of choice, so today we’ll try to fix this problem. Since Windows no longer supports Live Mail, any previously working program would have stopped working. You can still download and use Windows Live Mail from other unofficial sources. However, we recommend using alternative email clients such as Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.

When CHKDSK is finished, click Show Details to view any errors that were repaired, or click Close to close the window. Running CHKDSK may not directly speed up your PC, but it can free up space — which often has the same effect. Even if you’ve already swapped your PC’s storage system with a faster SSD (solid-state drive), scanning it with CHKDSK can keep it clean and working fast. A great way to boost computer speed is by defragmenting and optimizing your drives, both HDD and SSD. Disk Defrag defragments HDD, uses special algorithms to boost SSD and helps prevent fragmentation for continuously fast data access.

How to Clean Registry on Windows PC?

Featuring multiple military-grade erasure methods, DBAN can wipe any storage device clean and don’t leave behind even a trace of the original content. Although system drives do not usually fail for mechanical reasons, they can still develop errors. If you suspect that your hard drive is corrupt, you should run a diagnostic test to determine what’s causing the problem. Otherwise, you may need to use a data recovery software to recover your data. Regardless of the cause, you should always back up all your data before repairing your disk. In this article, we’ll discuss how to repair disk errors in Windows 10.

  • Depending on your computer and hard drive, you may even be able to use a manufacturer’s diagnostic tool or a tool built-in to your BIOS.
  • If the affected computer booting from your Repair Disk is not getting to these two screens then its time to consider a new approach.
  • Blue Screen of Death , also called Stop Error, emerges whenever Windows detects a serious error it cannot recover from, and it shuts down or restarts itself to avoid any damage.

So these were the best registry cleaners for Windows. If you have any suggestions or tricks of the Windows registry which would increase the speed of your PC, then let us know via the comment section. The backup registry file is created for every registry fixing and cleaning session, which can be accessed through the MANAGE UNDO option. The SEARCH option does the job of scanning for Windows registry issues that need to be addressed.

How to Repair Windows 10 Registry (3 Easy Methods)

Do so for all keys that you know for sure are just remnants of uninstalled programs. Once you’re finished, close the Registry Editor and restart the computer normally. While this method is not highly recommended, it is something you need to do when the other methods do not work. You can reset your PC and this will reset your Windows Registry as well. What that means is that it will remove all the corrupted entries from the registry letting you have a smooth running PC. Disk Cleanup, DISM, and manual registry cleaning are all methods you can use to clean your registry.

The Windows 10 registry stores all the information about your computer’s hardware, software, and activities. It is a vast database where you can get all the information related to your PC. At times, there are unwanted and invalid registry entries, especially when the software is uninstalled. Therefore, you need to how to clean registry in Windows 10so that the performance of your computer is not affected.

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